“Weather × Activity
× Environment… →Hydration”

We support your hustle and effort
by visualizing this.

Visualizing and Forecasting Proper Hydration that Fluctuats by Weather, Environment and Activity.

Solving such Worries:

Unable to find what and how much to drink

Taking time and effort to prepare drink

Having difficulty in information sharing and communication with stakeholders
(manager, player, parents…)

Feature of Hydcast

Saving Players‘ Opportunities Effortlessly through Forecasting Balanced Hydration

Showing needed drink amount and contents for players and teams

This visualizes needed drinks in quantity and quality that fluctuate according to weather, activity and environment, also grasping needed team total by types.

Enabling information sharing and ease preparation and role-sharing

Projected hydration is converted into a hydration plan shareable with players, the manager and players’ parents.

Cultivating players’ sense of purpose to protect their health and efforts

By positioning a hydration plan as a target of health management, this system cultivates players’ sense of purpose and saves their health and efforts.

Merits for Each

Friendly to You, Your Fellows and the Earth

Flow of Use (Projected)
Working not only for Individuals: More Effective for Team Use

Obtaining Weather Data

Setting Exercise Time and Intensity (HR/Sense Base)

Detailed Condition of Each Player (*Option)

Projection of Needed Hydration by Types

Cost Calculation and Preparation by Team

Information Sharing for Preparation by Individuals and Parents

Main Functions (Projected)

Projection of Body Sweat Amount and Content

Projection of Amount, Content and Cost of Needed Drinks (by Individuals, Teams and Preparing Entities)

Recovery Projection by Hydration

Information Sharing among Stakeholders

Simulation through Comparison and Selection of Multiple Drinks


>Detailed Individual Body Analysis
>Connection to External devices
>Analysis in Relation to Actual Hydration Record and Feedback
>Correlation to Practice/Activity Schedule