Underlying Awareness: Climate Crisis

The Reality: Inevitable Temperature Rise
-Even If the 1.5℃ Target of the Paris Agreement is Obeyed

The key to save their opportunities is “water” that does not restrict activities.

On the other hand, recent climate change is inducing bigger issues of water resource protection.

These all makes hydration management significant.

My experience in high school sports club activities in hot seasons, the advance of my local senior high school to the Koshien tournament (nationwide high school baseball tournament in Japan), my memory in the third year of high school that my high school was close to advancing to Koshien… All these are my precious resources. May they are protected from climate crisis and last in the year 2100…..
I hate to watch suffocating world where we have nothing but to say that “Don’t do something because it became hot”.

The Role from the Standpoint of Climate Measures

This product is a climate adaptation tool applicable for athletes, as well as essential workers and common people. But this product is not enough for fundamentally solving climate crisis. We need to comply with the target on the Paris Agreement that we limit global warming to 1.5℃ compared to pre-industrial levels.