Global Surface Temperature Increase by 2011-2020 Compared to 1850-1900:1.1℃(*)
-Expected to Keep on Rising Even with Countermeasures

Probability of record heatwaves will increase by 240 Times.

(Source of the Graph and Temperature Prediction)
(Source of the Probability of Heatwaves)
The Report by a research team led by Meteorological Research Institute of Japan released in Sep. 2022
An Example of the Detail:

Dehydration amount has relation with WBGT(*) and calories burned.

(*: WBGT)
An Environmental Index Representing Temperature, Humidity and Radiation as Major Factors Affecting Human Heat Balance.
Scott J. Montain, PhD, and Matthew Ely, MS “Water Requirements and Soldier”, Borden Institute, P21, P41
Institute of Medicine of the National Academies “Dietary Reference Intakes for Water, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, and Sulfate”, 2005

Accelerated dehydration by hot weather rises the importance of sport drinks. But balancing with pure water is difficult.

Decreased salt concentration induces hyponatremia and dehydration.
12-13% of Boston Marathon finishers suffered from hyponatremia

Sugar contained in sports drinks rises the risk of decayed teeth and high blood sugar.
49% of elite athletes have untreated tooth decay. 87% of them regularly use sports drinks.

Christopher S.D. Almond, etc.“Hyponatremia among Runners in the Boston Marathon“, The New England Journal of Medicine, April 14, 2005
University College London “Elite athletes have poor oral health despite brushing twice daily”, August 23, 2019

Performance decline by 3% dehydration to weight equals that of DUI.

[Performance Decline]
1% dehydration to weight: -12% 3% dehydration to weight: -25%

What a Dangerous Idea!!